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Why Choose Us?

  • Low overhead = Low costs
  • Licensed & insured
  • No limits to what we will take
  • Same-day service
  • Junk removal Marietta, every day

What will we take?

  • Sofas, desks, dressers, and more
  • Refrigerators and other appliances
  • Trash, boxes, misc. junk
  • Yard waste like branches, shrubs, etc.
  • Much, much more…

How to get started?

  1. Call and get a phone quote.
  2. Schedule the day and time for pickup.
  3. Sit back and relax as we handle
    all the heavy lifting.

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Junk Removal Marietta GA

Junk Removal Marietta has been providing junk removal and hauling services to Marietta GA for over 10 years. Our customers in Marietta GA require a professional, experienced company. People also need typical junk removal such as: debris removal, scrap metal removal, deck removal, construction clean up, shed removal, hot tub removal, furniture removal, refrigerator removal, and just about anything else you need hauled away!

Marietta GA junk removal is the name of our game!

We remove almost anything you have, whether it’s inside, outside, on the 19th floor or out in the barn. You will not need to worry as our professional, uniformed junk haulers do what they do best.

If there is anything you need hauled away, this is where we come in. We provide no obligation estimates and operate 7 days a week. We offer same day service and will most often beat our competitor’s prices. Marietta GA junk removal includes two large trucks with multiple crew members, disposal fees, the heavy lifting, and all other associated costs. Everything is included in our low price! Call now, or click ‘Request A Quote’ to the right and we will be back in touch ASAP.

  • Prompt & Reliable!
  • Same Day Service!
  • Everyday Low Price!

Junk Hauling & More

Unlike many junk hauling options in Marietta, we won’t just show up in an unmarked pickup truck. We are professional, fully licensed and insured business you can trust. The men who haul away your junk are polite, amiable, and honest.

Junk Hauling Marietta is a affordable, convenient, and environmentally conscious way to dispose of any unwanted junk. Our process: Two of our professional junk haulers convene on your location, whether residential or commercial. They promptly remove your unwanted junk items and dispose of it a way that pays homage to the environment as well as your wallet.

What you do: Not much. Simply point to the items you want removed from your home or business and we’ll handle the rest. We will separate the items for proper disposal, be it recyclable items, reusable items or items designated for the landfill.

Disposal Options

Do you need a dumpster or our junk removal service? Either way we have you covered. Our junk removal service is perfect for the following projects:

  • Single item and smaller loads.
  • Large property and estate cleanouts that require extra manpower. This includes foreclosure cleanouts.
  • Junk hauling requiring extra muscle for heavy lifting: furniture removal, appliance removal etc.
  • Green disposal on-request: We will recycle and or donate to institutions such as  Goodwill. About half of typical junk loads can be diverted from the landfill when using our service.
  • Convenience: Often a junk hauling service is more feasible in the city of Marietta than doing it yourself. Residents of Marietta may require the added expense purchasing permits for disposal. Not to mention disposal fees which can be hefty and always have a minimum. Depending on your location, it can be difficult to place your junk at the curb for pickup on Marietta streets.

All in all, it’s best to call Junk Removal Marietta: 770-709-1662.

Request A Quote!


We base our pricing on the size of the junk load, not the time it takes to perform the job. We start our pricing at $75 (the lowest in the area).

The best way to get an accurate quote is to call us and tell us about your junk so the assessor can give you a price over the phone. To help even more, you can send us a picture of everything and we can give you an exact quote based on the picture.

Book Service

We book our junk removal service in two-hour windows for your convenience. We will always call when we’re on our way (usually about 30 minutes out).

If you’d like to schedule service for a time when you won’t be on-site, you will have to make special arrangements with our team.

To schedule junk pick up service, give us a call at 770-709-1662 (or click here).

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our guys will handle everything. However, we do encourage customers to have smaller items packed as much as possible and somewhat organized prior to our guys’ arrival. This speeds along the job and helps us work efficiently. In the worst case where the lack of packing and organization implies lots of extra time for our guys, there may be additional labor charges involved, which our customer service team would be able to discuss with you ahead of time. Just give us a call for any concerns of this type.
Absolutely, we’ll take whatever you have from anywhere on your property. Tight hard to reach places are our specialty.
Yes. Unlike many junk haulers advertising their services on Craigslist, we won’t just show up in a pickup truck. We are fully licensed to perform junk hauling services in the state of Georgia. We are also registered with the department of transportation and fully insured.

Feel free to request information regarding our insurance provider.

We cannot take any hazardous material as determined by the state. These items require special handling and disposal procedures which are not a part of our business model currently. For details, give us a call and we will be able to give you specifics on an item-by-item basis.
Yes. Landfill disposal fees are expensive, so we recycle and donate whenever possible.
Pricing depends on the size of the load. Without seeing the junk you want removed, we can’t guarantee a phone estimate. However you can help this process along by sending us pictures of the junk and we’ll be in a much better position to give you exact pricing.
Yes. You can cancel for any reason whatsoever as long as our guys haven’t already begun working.